The President of the Republic of Kenya assented to the Acts of Parliament set out below on 31/08/2016. Both Acts shall commence on Wednesday 21/09/2016:

  1. The Land Laws (Amendment) Act, 2016; and
  2. The Community Land Act, 2016.

The Land Laws (Amendment) Act, 2016 revises the Land Act, 2012, the Land Registration Act, 2012 and National Land Commission Act, 2012. It also sets out regulations to give effect to Articles 67 (2) (e) and 68 (c) (i) of The Constitution of Kenya which deal with the National Land Commission’s function of initiating investigations into present or historical land injustices and reparation and, prescribed minimum and maximum land holding acreages for private land respectively.

The Community Land Act, 2016 has been enacted in fulfilment of Parliament’s mandate under Article 63 (5) of The Constitution of Kenya to provide regulations in respect of community land.

We shall be sending a more detailed analysis of the two Acts.