The Cabinet Secretary,  Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning officially launched the National Spatial Plan (‘NSP”)  at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre on Wednesday March 1, 2017. The NSP is identified as a flagship project under Kenya Vision 2030. It is a thirty year plan that covers the whole country and is aimed at balancing development across the country. Land is a limited resource with many competing land uses. It is a resource which has not always been optimally utilized. The vision of the plan, in keeping with the Constitution and National Land Policy,  is optimal productivity, sustainability, efficiency and equitability in the use of land in Kenya and the territorial space. The aim is to provide strategies and policies for sustainable exploration of the huge potential the country possesses in areas such as agriculture, tourism, energy, water, fishing and forestry. It also aims to address the issue of regional inequalities.

The NSP is expected to link different activities within the national space through integrated planning and create order for national development by giving spatial dimension to various national economic sector policies and coordinating sectoral agencies in order to mitigate the duplication of functions and responsibilities and thereby reducing the wastage of Kenya’s limited resources in line with the aspirations of Kenya Vision 2030.

The NSP can be downloaded from the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning website